What Impacts Your Well-Being

It is so important to know what impacts your well-being. Do you know the conditions under which you thrive and bloom and those where you crash and burn? Another way of thinking about this is your “window of tolerance”. When we are well-rested, well fed, physiologically calm, and in a familiar safe environment we tend to thrive and bloom. Things don’t bother us as much, they fly through our “open window”. But let’s say you’re tired, well your window closes a little and what if you’re hungry too, close that window a little more; and if you’re stressed about something at work or school, yup, that window is almost closed now. So the things that wouldn’t bother us under different conditions are now smacking against our almost closed window and causing a lot of distress.
If we’re having a hard time, it can be very helpful to stop and ask ourselves “how open is my window of tolerance right now?” “Am I hungry, stressed, tired, lonely?” Realizing that the conditions within our body and our world have a big impact on how much we can tolerate well, helps us to understand what is going on. We can then feel empowered to talk more gently to ourselves and to engage in activities to “open our window”. What impacts your well-being? Practice curiosity and be mindful of your emotions to learn more about yourself and your well-being. If you have questions or would like help uncovering your unique well-being factors, please reach out! Click here to email us and schedule today.