Small Steps Matter

Small steps add up to large change. “It’ll take too long.” “It’s such a big commitment.” “I’m not sure I can do it.” So many people talk themselves out of goals they have. You don’t have to climb the whole mountain today; you just have to take a step. One step every day for a year and you’ll be in a very different place than you are today. You don’t have to see the whole path, just the first step. The year, the month, the decade will pass whether we take those steps or not. Where do you want to be on the other side? 

To begin therapy can be a big choice. Some people worry it won’t help, others fear their problems are too big (they aren’t, by the way). You don’t have to know the answer to take a step in a positive direction. Research shows that people can experience relief from their distress after just scheduling an initial therapy appointment. This relief is likely due to feeling empowered that you’ve already made a difference in working toward feeling better. We’d be happy to talk with you before scheduling an initial appointment to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to check out our therapists reach out: