Shame and “Good Enoughness”

Worries about self, our worthiness, and “good enougness” appear to be part of the human condition. We all wonder at times if we are enough. This question, however, can turn into a painful filter through which we see the world and result in significant shame and sadness if left unexamined. While it is normal to have some self doubt, notably during the teenage and young adult years, it can become a painful consistent part of our life. Shame is a painful emotion, it whispers to us that “we’re not good enough” and worse yet, tells us we shouldn’t tell anyone about these parts of ourself. Shame grows in those dark places within us, it’s antidote is talking about it. Talking about our deepest fears and worries, sharing those parts of ourselves. It is scary, but it is so worth it. We find this to be a powerful part of healing for our clients. It is courageous to start and to continue therapy, it’s an investment in one’s self. For more information on this topic please contact us at We also often recommend the work of Dr. Brene Brown to our clients, she has made amazing strides in researching shame.

Her TED Talk on shame and vulnerability is so powerful.