Nutrition and Anxiety Reduction


Nutrition is a vital part of our well-being,. The longer I practice in the field of psychology the more I appreciate how integrated our minds and bodies are. There is no real distinction between physical health and mental health, it’s all just health. When we appreciate and honor this integration we begin to see real change. 

Attention to nutrition’s impact on our mood is a growing area of research in the fields of psychology and psychiatry. We’re learning how to use food in our repertoire of tools. For example, certain foods can help combat stress and anxiety. 
GABA (the “calm down” neurotransmitter) boosting food such as walnuts, broccoli and oolong tea can be great to incorporate into your diet to help reduce anxiety. Whereas avoiding caffeine, which stimulates our body and exacerbates anxiety, is also helpful during times of stress. 

Incorporating changes in the way you care for your body absolutely impact your mind and mood as well. Holistic care is a cornerstone of the work we do. For more information or to start today email us at