Comparison is the Thief of Joy

You know the feeling – you feel good about something but then you see a friend or acquaintance and you second guess if what you have is as good as what they have. This comparison is such an insidious joy killer. We are social beings by nature, we like to belong, and part of belonging to a group is comparing if we fit in. This social comparison often peaks in adolescence, which is part of what can make this time in life so painful. Depression can also often trigger intense comparison and feelings of insecurity and self-doubt. This type of comparison also often only works in one direction, the one where we are left feeling lacking. There is no easy fix to comparison; however, as we begin to grow and health and learn to accept our whole self, the frequency and pain of comparison often subsides. Gratefulness can also be an antidote to comparison. A growing body of research suggests that when we practice daily gratefulness for the things we have, enjoy, love – we begin to experience a greater sense of well-being.

If you are struggling with the thief of joy that is comparison, the staff at Fancher Psychology can help. Many of our clients experience this, you are not alone.

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