1 Minute Stress Reduction

Did you know that stress reduction is among one of the most common goals people have for therapy? Here is a tip we often give our clients. One minute, that’s all it takes to reduce your stress level. First, breathe all of the air from your lungs out through your mouth. While you do this, picture all of the stress, worry and tension as the color red and watch it leave your body with that breath. Now, you’re ready to take a good deep breath in through your nose. Picture yourself breathing in a nice calm blue, picture it fill your lungs and your body. Next, pull your shoulders down away from your head. Now, unclench your jaw, feel that difference between the tightness and the looseness. Finally remove your tongue from the roof of your mouth. I bet you didn’t even realize you were carrying so much tension in your body!

Our body constantly sends signals to our brain. The more tense our muscles and the shorter our breath, the more likely we will emotionally experience stress and anxiety. So the next time you’re starting to feel stressed, do this one minute exercise and notice how quickly you feel a difference.

If you’d like more practice and tips, we often recommend the app Calm to our clients. Feel free to check it out here https://www.calm.com

Treating anxiety and stress is one of our specialties, check out our therapist’s bios for more information. https://fancherpsychology.com/fancher-therapists/